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Empowering you to your optimum health

Homeopathy can be a natural route to healing and supporting your own wellbeing. It can be helpful if you are struggling with an ongoing health condition and would like to explore a more natural and tailored approach to you. Or you may be feeling depleted physically and/or emotionally and would like some extra support that takes a unique and holistic approach to your health.

Having a consultation  can be an opportunity for you to take some  time out and listen to your needs as well as having your own needs listened to.  It can be a lovely investment in yourself and overall wellbeing.​

 ​I have an integrated approach which is individually tailored to you and your needs, prescribing flower essences alongside Homeopathic remedies which can help to address emotional states and provide support through challenging times.

The following are common conditions that people see me for;

- Burnout, stress and adrenal fatigue.

- Constant low grade anxiety

- Coping with motherhood (when you feel overwhelmed or despondent towards your family and life).

- Pre menstrual symptoms such as anxiety, low moods, irritability, weepiness, sugar cravings.

-Digestive issues, IBS symptoms, gut health.

- Low libido.

- Heavy, painful and irregular bleeding.

 - Menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, insomnia, tearfulness, fatigue.

- Constant worry and not being able to let go.​

- Grief.

- Vaginal and sexual health (discharge, discomfort, itching, burning, painnful sex).

- Cystitis.

- Conception (preparing the womb for conception).

- Negative body image that may be holding you back from feeling happy and comfortable in your own skin.​

- Confidence and self esteem.

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