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What my Patient's say...

"Karen is the most thoughtful holistic health professional that I have ever met. She is clearly passionate and cares so much about people and therefore her work as a homeopath is effortless and sincere. Karen has recently treated my daughter who has a very sensitive nature due to phobic related anxiety. My daughter for the first time in years felt she was able to communicate with Karen due to her caring gentle nature to enable her to hopefully work her magic through homeopathy. I am forever grateful to Karen as her intuition is always genuine  and is at the forefront of everything she does. A true earth angel."

Mel, Kent UK 

"I would definitely recommend hay fever remedies. As soon as I took the remedy my hay fever symptoms lifted. I could not believe the speed of how quickly it worked. Highly recommend Karen"

Debbie, Dartford UK

"I contacted Karen because I was suffering from hot flushes and palpitations  from starting to go into the menopause. I had gained a bit of weight and just generally felt like I wasn't myself anymore. I had had homeopathy before but not for a long time. After seeing Karen I came away feeling lighter and more positive about what I was going through. Just talking about things I felt better. After taking the remedies I had more energy to get through the day. The hot flushes were still there but I was able to cope with them better, they didn't seem as intense. I felt happier and more optimistic about things."

Fiona, Sevenoaks, Kent UK

"Homeopathy makes you feel better. It didn't stop my anxiety, but it made me feel better and able to handle it better."

My son (aged 13 at the time). 

“I made an appointment with Karen after seeing one of her posts on Facebook about a remedy that was good for panic attacks. She gave me some flower essences which really helped me to feel more calmer and less anxious. I was able to meet my daughter for lunch in bluewater, which previously would be difficult for me. I could take it when I started feeling a panic attack coming on.”

Sue, Swanley, Kent 

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