Herbal Tea


Acute advice and prescribing for lingering coughs, colds and general immune support.

Homeopathic remedies can help be helpful to address the uncomfortable symptoms of fevers, coughs and colds. It can help support your body to fight infection, without suppressing your symptoms. Helping your body to cope with illness and aid a natural recovery.

I offer acute advice and prescribing for your specific symptoms. Remedies are sent out in the post (first class royal mail).

20 minute phone consultation with remedies - £25

Please note this does not  replace medical advice or treatment from a healthcare professional.


The Family Homeopathy Practice

07940 462 603

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*Please note that any information or services on this website is not to replace medical advice or treatment from a healthcare professional.

*Terms and conditions apply to each booking - full fee is charged if cancellation less than 24 hours, 50 % of fee charged if less than 48 hours notice given.

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