Pregnancy and Childbirth

Homeopathy for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Using Homeopathy throughout your pregnancy, childbirth and post partum recovery can be a safe, natural and non toxic route to supporting the many changes physiologically and emotionally that you are going through.

I offer custom made Homeopathic birth kits with advice and support for your birth experience and post partum healing.

These include remedies to address common acute physical and emotional

symptoms that you may be experiencing from your pregnancy, birth experience and post natal recovery period.

I commonly prescribe remedies to address symptoms of tiredness and exhaustion. Pelvic discomfort. Feeling weepy and apprehensive about upcoming birth. Supporting the body to establish strong regular contractions. Pain and discomfort during labour. Anxiety and fear during labour. Post recovery healing from birth, c-section  episiotomy and bruising and many more.

If required, I prescribe the Homeopathic tissue salt pregnancy programme which helps support the body to balance out any deficiencies in cell tissue salts.

Cell tissue salts are the basic building blocks of cellular function, enabling the formation of minerals and supporting the body's physiological and biochemical functions. During pregnancy, the growing foetus and developing baby will  take these tissue salts from the mother and can often leave the mother deficient. Each person is different, so depending on your own body and level of health this will vary from person to person. 

When taking a tissue salt, the body will only utilize what it needs and acts as an invitation to balance out the deficiency in the body.

There are twelve main tissue salts, these are the ones that are most commonly prescribed in the pregnancy programme - 

  • Calc Fluor - supports bone growth the elasticity of the connective tissue in the skin and organs (stretch marks etc)

  • Mag phos - builds and strengthens muscles, motor nerve development and used for heartburn.

  • Silica - used to support the development of teeth, bones, hair and general strength.

  • Nat mur - helps control salt and fluid balance in the body (swollen ankles).

  • Ferrum phos - supports blood oxygenation and red blood cell formation.

I offer two packages (basic and bespoke) to support you with homeopathy throughout your birth experience. All kits are bespoke to you and your individual needs and come with advice and support for you and your birth partner on when and how to use  the remedies.

Basic package - 2 hours online consultation + bespoke Homeopathic birth kit

  • Bespoke Homeopathic birth kit with advice and guidance on remedies and how and when to use them throughout your childbirth and post partum healing.

  • Individual bespoke advice for any current acute ailments that you are experiencing.

  • Advice and support for birth partner (how to administer remedies and when to give the remedy - what signs to look for).

Bespoke Package 

  • Initial consultation and bespoke homeopathic birth kit and advice on using remedies (for both you and birth partner).

  • Pre-birth consultation, a one hour consultation to give advice, support and prescribing on any conditions that you may be experiencing such as nerves and anxiety, fluid retention, discomfort, achiness etc)

  • Post-birth consultation plus prescribing, support and advice on remedies to take on helping your body to heal from your birth, tiredness, breastfeeding,  remedies for emotional support and many more.

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