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This course is for those parents that wish to learn a little more about Homeopathy and would like to start using some homeopathic remedies to address symptoms of common acute conditions for the family

 A four hour online course that aims to teach and empower you with the basic understanding of Homeopathic prescribing for acute conditions.

What you will learn - 

  • The basic principles of Homeopathic prescribing

  • When and how to give a remedy

  • Children's 'expressions of illness'.

  • Acute conditions such as colds, fevers, teething, sore throats, colic, diarrrhea, constipation, cuts and bruises, allergic reactions (first aid remedies).

  • Questions and advice on your child's most suited remedies.

Price includes a Helios basic Homeopathic remedy kit with 18 remedies and a small booklet.





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