Flower essences and Homeopathy can be a natural approach to supporting your mental and emotional health. It is by no means a substitute  for medical treatment but it can work effectively alongside other forms of therapy and treatment.

I have personally been both a service user of MIND mental health charity as well as a co-facilitator of anxiety groups. Having had personal experience on both sides of the fence I am able to hold a compassionate, non judgmental approach and understanding of the mental health challenges that people face on a day to day basis.

I have had experience of supporting my patients' mental health journey and healing, understanding that each person has their own road to finding balance and peace, there is no quick fix, healing often takes time and patience.

Using homeopathy can be used alongside medication and is one avenue to helping a person come to terms with past trauma and cope with whatever issues they may be facing at present.

I often prescribe flower essences alongside homeopathic remedies which can help support the emotions whilst dealing with deeper issues.

The following are areas that I work with;




-Sexual identity

-Intimacy issues


-Self worth





The Family Homeopathy Practice

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