Emotional healing and transformation

Flower essences have been known and used throughout many different cultures for their healing properties.

Each flower holds a unique healing quality (energetic imprint) that can be transferred to water through the sun's rays and taken as a tincture. 

Flower essences have a gentle  healing affect on the emotions and can be a wonderful support,  helping you navigate through challenging and turbulent times in your life. 

Flower essences can help you to heal stuck or blocked emotions that are preventing you from moving forward and becoming more of your true potential. 

In a Flower essence Consultation, we gently explore areas of your life that feel unsurmountable, or where you feel you are stuck or limited in any way. 

Together, we explore and discover the areas in your life that you may have a blind spot to, or that you would like something to shift, but you feel unable to do this on your won.

I prescribe a personalised blend of flower essences from the Australian Bush Flower Essence range that you  take over a period of time to support you with your issue. I offer a guided meditation at the end of your session to open the mind to new pathways for transformation and growth. 

The following are areas that I work with -

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Confidence

  • Self love/ self sabotage

  • Transitions

  • Life purpose/direction

  • Intimacy/sexuality

  • Body image 

  • Relationships

I offer a free 15 minute consultation for you to find out how flower essences may be helpful for you.




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