Appointments are carried out through phone, Skype, FaceTime and Zoom. Making it easier and more accessible for you and your family. It is also ideal for babies and children as they can be treated whilst staying in their own comfortable environment.

What happens? 

The first appointment takes up to 90 minutes with follow ups around an hour.

I have a heart centred approach to my work and patients, aiming for you to feel comfortable and at ease to talk about your complaints. 

Homeopathic remedies  are prescribed tailored to you and your symptoms, with the aim the aim to not only address your symptoms but to strengthen your general vitality and constitution (nature). 

I occasionally prescribe flower essences alongside homeopathic remedies, these can provide emotional support where needed.

  Remedies are made from highly diluted forms of natural substances and are prescribed in the form of pillules (small sucrose pills), granules ( for babies) or tinctures ( for flower  essences).

What next ?

Regular follow ups are needed until symptoms improve and there has been an improvement in your overall well-being. 

I aim to see a gradual improvement in my patients symptoms and energy and support you with your self-healing journey.

My working hours

Tuesday        9.30am - 7pm
Wednesday  9.30am - 7pm

Thursday      11am  - 9pm

Friday           9.30am - 5pm

My prices

Homeopathy Consultations

Adult  - Initial appointment  90 minutes, £65.

Follow up appointment 1 hour, £45

Child (under 16 years)  - initial appointment 90 minutes, £50

Follow up appointment 45 minutes, £40

Mother and child combined, 90 minutes, £70

Flower Essence Consultations - 60 minutes. £55 (inclu personalised blend of flower essences).

Payment method - bank transfer/cheque or cash.

Prices include cost of remedies and postage. Cancellation fees apply.

If for any reason you are not able to meet the above costs concessions are available, please don't hesitate to ask. I 


The Family Homeopathy Practice

07940 462 603

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