My Journey into Homeopathy

I started my career over 20 years ago as a beauty therapist and make -up artist, working in the west end of London.

I had been suffering with acne for most of my teenage years and early twenties, working in the beauty industry I felt this pressure to have perfect looking skin.

 I had been through numerous dermatology treatments, multiple courses of antibiotics and harsh acid based skin creams, and I was desperate to try an alternative option. I eventually managed to get a referral for Homeopathic treatment from my GP to the Royal London Hospital for integrated Medicine (previously known as the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital).

I had no idea what Homeopathy was or how it worked but at this point I was desperate and willing to give anything a go.

Visiting the Hospital and seeing a Homeopath was a little like having a very friendly chat with a nice man. I found myself feeling completely at ease answering all these questions that varied between my health history, my food preferences, my energy levels and general lifestyle. I was prescribed homeopathic medicines with regular follow up appointments.

My skin actually got worse before I noticed an improvement, but what happened in the next three months from starting homeopathic treatment was what I feel, in hindsight, led to the improvement of my skin; I left my job that I was deeply unhappy in, went backpacking around the Greek islands, begun my self- employed business and started training in holistic therapies.

The homeopathy had helped to deal with the deeper underlying causes of my acne, rather than just treating the symptoms, it dealt with what was causing it! I believe over that time my hormones became more balanced (which after being on the contraceptive pill for acne had left them quite erratic).  After a few months my whole life had been transformed, which I believe led me to literally feel happier in my own skin!

It was life changing for me, although I didn’t completely understand how it worked, I knew that it was a natural route that led to my skin being healed. 

I revisited Homeopathy and started to take it more seriously when I was due to give birth to my son; I ordered a homeopathic birth kit which came with a little booklet on when and how to use remedies in labour. I used remedies throughout my labour to help support a natural birth and post-natal recovery.

I continued to  use homeopathy for my son to address common ailments such as fevers, coughs, colds, bowel issues and teething pain etc. I was constantly impressed and sometimes shocked at how quickly his moods and physical symptoms would shift after giving him a remedy.

 Seeing homeopathy in action and how it made a difference to my son’s health, I became more and more passionate (and possibly slightly obsessed) in learning more about homeopathic remedies.

I eventually studied and trained to become a Homeopath and Flower essence practitioner, I gained my Licenciate of Homeopathy with the Southern College of Homeopathy.

It has genuinely been the most satisfying and rewarding job I have ever done. I always feel humbled to have the opportunity to be able to help people to feel better and support them on their life journey. 

What I have personally experienced with myself, my family and my clients that I work with is that after taking homeopathy, I always feel more like myself again, but a better version of me!

Taking remedies has never suppressed or been a quick fix to feeling better, but it has invited an opportunity to heal and make changes in my life; addressing  the root cause of a problem or illness rather than just the symptom.

I believe that true health and what it means to be ‘healthy’ is more than just the absence of physical disease, I believe that true health means the full expression of the human spirit. 

I am always dedicated to helping my patients discover what being healthy means for them, and with the healing benefits of natural medicine, working at releasing the areas within themselves to support their health and happiness in life.

 A little more about me...

I run an online Homeopathy practice based in Kent, UK, which allows me to see patients from all over the globe.

I especially love working with mums and their children. Working online also allows me to treat babies, children and teens in the comfort of their own environment, this is so much less stressful for everyone!

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with parents so I created an online course: 'The Parent's Guide to Homeopathy', this empowers parents with some basic knowledge of using homeopathy to support the health of your child.

I am registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and dedicated to continual professional development in my field.



Patch Adams, 1998


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